Common Rule Infographic

by Jim Gearhart

Week in Review (March 6, 2015)

Here are some interesting highlights from the week’s news about clinical research and health care.

People throughout health care have been waiting for this: The FDA approved the first biosimilar for use in the United States.

Since October 2014 the FDA has formally warned six companies about posting unapproved claims on Facebook. (See Quorum’s institution newsletter for information about using social media for clinical trial recruitment)

The FDA launched a new app for tracking drug shortages.

A FiercePharma blogger discovered a biotech version of the game Cards Against Humanity.

The news that FDA approved part of 23andMe’s gene reports prompted insightful essays about the future of genetic testing.

The Mayo Clinic is looking into mobile health products to fight obesity and diabetes.

Researchers from pharma, NIH, and academia will collaborate on a large-scale collection of data aimed at understanding Alzheimer’s.

More developments in mHealth: Swiss doctors pilot an app that detects/predicts prostate cancer risk.

Research into Alzheimer’s has expanded into space. NASA is studying Alzheimer’s and other neuroscience puzzles by reducing one constant: gravity. Here’s a video.

FDA’s new Number Two is a veteran of medical research.

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