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by Jim Gearhart

Week in Review (February 13, 2015)

Happy Friday the 13th, and may it not be unlucky for you. Better maybe to focus on tomorrow; Happy Valentine’s Day. Here are highlights from the week’s news stories about health and research.

Europe will host its first clinical trial that will be completely remote. The technology for the study will include an electronic informed consent and a wireless blood glucose meter.

Following the FDA’s draft guidance on mobile health devices, large tech companies have asked Congress for additional rules on mobile health.

Sanofi announced plans to buy a company, and to lay off 100 Research and Development employees.

Two lawmakers propose pulling NIH out of annual budget process. The Representatives followed last week’s budget season opener with a suggestion that the government treat NIH’s research money as nondiscretionary.

FDA Commissioner Hamburg discusses the “alarming” measles outbreak. She endorsed using vaccines, and points to history to explain why.

The New York Times ran an article about pricing new combinations of approved drugs. Old drugs, new dosages, higher prices.

According to Fierce Biotech, Shire expects a busy year of research.

Forbes says that research in neuroscience treatments is going to increase.

Many published studies omitted information about censured researchers. A Journal of American Medicine (JAMA) article compared FDA records against researchers with published study results, and found little overlap.


Another interesting clip from the NIH.

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