I am trying out something new here. On Fridays, I’ll post some stories and blogs I’ve collected over the week that seemed interesting or useful.

And I’ll resist the temptation to share animal videos. Though there was this one with a cat on a Roomba….No. No animal videos. Just some bits of news.

Research Funding: NPR’s blog Health Shots had an interesting overview of spending on biomedical research. The US funds 44 percent of the world’s biomedical research now, compared to 57 percent a decade ago. The NIH is paying less for research, and pharmaceutical companies have shifted their spending.

Flawed Clinical Data: Medscape reported that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) suspended over 40 drug approvals after it found a CRO produced flawed test data. An FDA audit of the same CRO had no findings.

Ebola Treatments: The New York Times had an article about problems with testing and preparing treatments for Ebola. Am I the only one who didn’t know altered tobacco plants grew medicine?

Tailored Medicine: Today (1/30/15), President Obama plans to announce details about pursuing research on personalized medicine.

Meanwhile, the New York Times had an interesting op-ed about the challenges of personalized medicine.

FDA Guidance

In a draft guidance the FDA proposed rules for considering wearable devices and apps as low risk. The draft guidance itself is here: General Wellness: Policy for Low risk Devices; Draft Guidance.

The FDA also proposed guidelines for testing new psychoactive drugs for any impact on driving abilities. The draft guidance: Evaluating Drug Effects on the Ability to Operate a Motor Vehicle.


Still resisting the cute animal clips. How about a couple of science-y videos from the NIH instead:

HIV in Action, and a way to stop it

The immune system takes on cancer cells

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