Company News: The Fourth is Strong at Quorum IRB

Quorum Review IRB employees work hard to fulfill the company’s mission of protecting study participants, building a community dedicated to the well-being of all people, and driving research forward. But our employees (sometimes informally referred to as “Quorumites”) know how to have fun, too.

Quorum’s Events Committee recently hosted the second annual QuorumCon, which celebrates all fandoms, from comic books to music to TV series. Held on May the Fourth (cue the Star Wars music), QuorumCon is a time for Quorumites to dress in fan apparel—whether that simply be a T-shirt or a head-to-toe costume. This year we had Captain America, Negan (from The Walking Dead), Chewie, and a stormtrooper, among other characters, mingling in the Quorum corridors. And to prove that our company respects The Wrath of Khan as much as it does The Empire Strikes Back, there was a pack of Quorumites who looked like they’d soon be boarding the starship Enterprise.

In addition to the visual flair, QuorumCon featured good grub, on-tap pale ale, raffle prizes, a photo booth, and live Celtic!

We anxiously await our third QuorumCon in 2019, and, like the backers of the Star Wars franchise, we don’t believe in ending a good thing after a trilogy.

May the Fourth be with you, too.


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