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The Site Solutions Summit awarded Quorum its Eagle Service Award in recognition of “outstanding leadership, professionalism, integrity, passion, and dedication to advancing the clinical research profession.”

One of Quorum’s founders was a research site coordinator, and from the beginning Quorum has appreciated the innumerable demands that a research site faces. Without shirking our duty to protect participants, we maintain clear, direct communication with you. We are available in person and online. Our AAHRPP-accredited boards and expedited reviewers review every type of submission every day. Our processes, our electronic tools, and our employees ensure the fastest deliveries of approvals possible, even within hours.


99.5% of calls answered by live operator
99.8% of initial documents deliver early or on-time

Quorum can serve as a central IRB if you are in a multiple-site study through a Sponsor, a CRO, or a federal agency. Or we can serve as your local IRB for a single-site study, if you are managing the protocol submission yourself.

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