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Backed by our One-Touch Collaboration™ service commitment, your study benefits from exceptional service, streamlined study startup, and dependable dedication to your research. This is why Quorum Review IRB is the most preferred IRB among institutions.

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Does your study require review by an Institutional Biosafety Committee? If so, we offer integrated IRB and IBC services.

Smart IRB

Quorum was the first independent IRB to join the SMART IRB initiative, an integrated, comprehensive platform that allows flexibility in the size and scope of collaboration to enable IRB reliance for multisite studies, regardless of funding status. If your institution participates in the SMART IRB initiative, you can partner with Quorum right away. We are your trusted SMART IRB partner.

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Single IRB (sIRB)

Does your institution receive NIH funding? Then you’ll need a single IRB (sIRB) of record.

  • Set your institution up for success before the new Common Rule goes into effect by designating Quorum as your central IRB of record
  • Benefit from our existing processes, procedures, and resources
  • Save time and money with a streamlined review

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Platinum Program

Want to get noticed by sponsors? Become a member of the Quorum Platinum Program and elevate your institution’s status.

  • Achieve higher visibility with sponsors
  • Gain recognition for your responsiveness and collaboration over the life of the studies you conduct
  • Get insider access to resources and education

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Whether you're conducting research as a single site or as part of a multisite study, Quorum is the most preferred central IRB among institutions.

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Building Your Own sIRB?

Empower your institution to thrive in the new sIRB reality. Let Kinetiq consultants assess your sIRB program, processes, and documents to help avoid the stress of noncompliance.

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