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In multiple-site studies of any phase, coordination between everyone is crucial to success. Quorum understands the importance of compliance, accuracy, reliability and expertise in the world of clinical research.

Our AAHRPP-accredited boards meet daily, so we review every type of submission every day of the week. We can issue approval documents as quickly as within a day of IRB approval; our feature-rich OnQ Portal allows for secure submissions and updates; and our dedicated staff is there to guide you and your investigators throughout the study.

99.5% of calls answered by live operator
99.8% of initial documents deliver early or on-time

Quorum offers an array of ancillary services that can improve your study’s performance. These special features can shorten timelines and improve communication:

  • Early Engagement puts the right pieces in place before a protocol is submitted.
  • Site Match and our site outreach help you find sites and get them started faster.
  • Our translation services provide accurate and compliant study documents in any language.
  • Electronic tools like the OnQ Portal and our site-specific teams support your researchers.
  • Webinars, white papers, and other materials keep researchers informed.

Quorum has a knowledgeable roster of board members; robust, user-oriented processes; convenient electronic tools; and trained staff. We are ready to help you run a successful study, whether it involves one research site or thousands.

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Quorum supports your research with accredited boards, user-focused tools, and knowledgeable staff.

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