Quorum Review IRB Launches New Program for Phase I Healthy Clinical Trials

Phase1Healthy_RGB_ColorSEATTLE, WA (July 20, 2015): Quorum Review IRB, the premier central IRB, is introducing a comprehensive program that supports the unique needs of Phase I Healthy clinical trials. Quorum knows that Phase I units require immediate service and quick turnaround times. Quorum’s new program delivers.

With Quorum Review’s new Phase 1 Healthy Program, a study can be ready to enroll participants within a few days of submitting their materials. For changes mid-study, review and delivery of approval documents is even faster. Quorum’s new program also provides unprecedented alternatives in the review of recruitment materials. Quorum can conditionally approve recruitment materials before the protocol review is finalized, so you can more proactively plan for their deployment. If your group leverages generic recruitment templates and generic screening consent forms, Quorum’s new program makes using those materials easier than ever.

Quorum’s customers that have had the opportunity to preview the new Phase 1 Healthy Program proclaim it to be the “most intuitive service offering that exists for Phase 1 Healthy research.” “We know Phase I,” says Quorum’s CEO, Cami Gearhart. “We have Phase I researchers on our IRB panels and staff dedicated to supporting Phase I services. We are proud to offer our clients nimble turnaround times as well as the reliability of a large, accredited IRB.”

For more details on Quorum Review’s new Phase I Healthy services, click here.

About Quorum Review IRB
Quorum Review is an independent institutional review board fully accredited by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP), and has been providing ethics review of human clinical research since 1992. Quorum oversees research in accordance with U.S. and Canadian human subject research protection regulations and guidelines set forth by the International Committee on Harmonisation (ICH), and principles of the Belmont Report. Quorum’s best-in-class IRB services include 15 Board meetings each week plus expedited review, 24-hour site review turnaround, 36-hour amendment review turnaround, a secure Web Portal, and Smart Forms for online submissions. Quorum’s IRB service offerings include full study review in the US and Canada, international ethics review, a specialized Phase I team, and unique processes for minimal risk research.

Arri Burgess
Director, Marketing & Product Development
Quorum Review IRB
(206) 436-3244

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