Press Release: Quorum Launches Integrated Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Review and Administration

Quorum offers the first truly coordinated, seamless IBC and IRB review administration services.

(SEATTLE, WA): Quorum Review IRB, the largest and most preferred central institutional review board, announces the availability of integrated institutional biosafety committee (IBC) review and administration services. With One-Touch Collaboration from Quorum, IBC and IRB services are now coordinated and seamless. Human subject research that requires IBC review continues to grow. Whether that research involves gene transfer, certain types of immunotherapy, or other biologic uses of recombinant DNA (rDNA) or synthetic rDNA, Quorum applies a coordinated model that combines IRB and IBC review and enables a holistic view of all results through the OnQ Portal.

“Institutional biosafety committees review some of the hottest topics in research,”
– Cami Gearhart, CEO of Quorum.


“Institutional biosafety committees review some of the hottest topics in research,” says Cami Gearhart, CEO of Quorum. “Gene therapy research. Virology and bacteriology. With rapid advancements in biologics, we’re excited that Quorum brings a new model of truly integrated IRB and IBC review and administration services to rDNA research.”

Sponsors will benefit from One-Touch Collaboration for coordinating both IBC and IRB reviews. Quorum provides one contact for studies that require IBC coordination with IRB review. Plus, Quorum provides one study start-up timeline and one integrated stream of communications.

Renowned Biosafety and Radiation Officer

Last year, Quorum announced the appointment of Bruce Busby, CHP, RSM, as Biosafety and Radiation Officer. He brings over 30 years of experience in biosafety, radiation safety, health physics, vivarium safety, research administration, and general safety expertise to Quorum.


Quorum Does the Heavy Lifting for IBC

Flexible IBC administration adapts to your needs. Quorum offers IBC services that:

  • Provide and select expert IBC members and file paperwork on your behalf
  • Efficiently handle your IBC operations from registering paperwork and conducting reviews to record retention
  • Ensure open communication with all sites to meet their needs

For study sponsors using another IBC, Quorum offers a timely choice that does not impose a restrictive contract, which enables you to choose an IRB because you want to, not because it’s tied to your need for IBC review and administration.

Quorum will exhibit at SCOPE Summit for clinical ops executives in Orlando, February 13-15. Study sponsors are invited to submit an IBC study now or request to meet in person at SCOPE.

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Quorum Review IRB
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