What types of conflicts of interest do I have to report to Quorum?

Quorum expects investigators to disclose potential conflicts of interest involving research staff or immediate family members (including spouses and dependent children). The financial and non-financial interests of investigators, staff and immediate family members that must be reported to Quorum Review IRB are listed below.  These criteria apply equally regardless of funding or regulatory oversight. For more information about these types of conflicts, please review Quorum’s Investigator Handbook.

  1. Financial arrangement based on outcome of the study
  2. Significant Payment (exclusive of the costs of conducting research)
  3. Intellectual property rights or proprietary interests
  4. Any significant equity interest in the sponsor of the study
  5. Employment or executive relationship with the sponsor
  6. Enrollment or recruitment bonuses or finder’s fees
  7. Other financial or non-financial relationship that may create an actual or apparent conflict of interest