What submission documents are required by Quorum?

Quorum requires the following documents:

  • “Site Information Questionnaire: Primary Research Facility” form
  • Principal investigator’s Curriculum Vitae including clinical research experience with human subjects and education (if applicable,the principal investigator needs to submit a CV to Quorum only once)
  • Medical License
    • Quorum Review IRB verifies the PI’s medical license for all locations where he/she will be conducting research under Quorum Review’s jurisdiction.
    • If the PI is conducting research in a location which does not provide online license verification (e.g. Puerto Rico, certain Canadian provinces, etc.), submission of the PI’s medical license(s) is required.
    • If you do not know if online license verification is available for the location(s) applicable to the PI’s medical license(s), it is recommended to include a copy of the PI’s medical license(s) with the PI’s site submission.
    • If Quorum Review is unable to verify the PI’s medical license(s), processing of the PI’s site submission will be delayed.