What if my site is scheduled to close before the IRB expiration date?

If you are closed, or planning to close before your IRB expiration date, you should complete a Site Status Report for closure and submit it to Quorum. If you don’t expect to close until after your expiration date, you should remain open and submit a Site Status Report for periodic site review. If the sponsor or sponsor representative will be closing your site a couple of days prior or on your expiration date, Quorum suggests you send in a Site Status Report for Periodic Site Review to prevent site expiration.

Please note that if a Site Status Report is not received by the IRB approval expiration date, IRB approval to conduct your study will expire. Be advised that conducting research activities without IRB approval is a violation of federal regulations. Furthermore, failure to provide a Site Status Report may lead to a finding of serious or continuing noncompliance which requires notification to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.