Will Quorum review my study if I am listed on the IND?

Quorum generally will not review research where a Sponsor-Investigator is also the sole sponsor of the IND, but may make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. For example, the Board may make an exception in instances where there are additional local protections for subjects that would be recruited for this type of research. The most common exception is where the Sponsor-investigators are still under the jurisdiction of an organization that provides the added protection of organizational policies and procedures, including the management of conflicts of interest, reporting of unanticipated problems and serious or continuing non-compliance, and reporting of scientific misconduct. Additionally, an exception may be made for this type of research if there is an Agreement between the organization and Quorum which requires Quorum to report certain events and actions to the organization. Such an agreements is further evidence that the organization has jurisdiction over of the Sponsor-investigator. Any restrictions imposed based on the forgoing however shall not apply to treatment INDs submitted by Principal Investigators.