How can I improve my site submission’s chances of getting reviewed even faster?

By insuring that your site’s compensation schedule is accurate and reflective of the consent form language determined by Quorum and the sponsor. 

Throughout the past year, Quorum has been analyzing data we collect on the reasons for held submissions. Our #1 hold reason is compensation issues. To better assist our clients, we have assembled a list of items you should review before sending your submission documents to Quorum. By going through this list, you can save yourself the delay of having us contact you to resolve issues which may arise from your payment plans. 

  1. Did you add up the amount per visit and does it match the total you have listed on the SIQ (or compensation attachment)? Something as simple as making sure the ‘per visit’ amount adds up to the total you provide is a common error that is often overlooked.
  2. Ask your sponsor if there are any special compensation parameters for this study when they send you your enrollment forms. Some studies have very specific arrangements for payment. Find out before-hand if your study has any of these requirements.
  3. Feel free to use the Compensation Template available in the forms section of our website. The template provides you with a table format to easily list your visit payments and the combined total for the visits.
  4. Unless the study specifically states otherwise, please remember that a total for all visits is required for review by Quorum. While you may request that the total not be included in the consent form verbiage (which we typically allow unless the sponsor has locked the model language), we must always know the total possible for a participant to receive – it must be listed on the SIQ or the compensation attachment you provide. If you do not want the total listed on the consent form, and the language is allowed to be modified per the sponsor, please write a note on your SIQ’s compensation section indicating your choice to do so. Again, you must still list the total on the SIQ for your submission to be reviewed.
  5. If the study you are conducting has a sub-study associated with it or a study that may involve a caregiver consent form, be sure to find out if compensation plans are required for those as well. Contact your sponsor prior to submission to find out if there are special compensation worksheets or attachments that your study will use. This can include – but is not limited to – genetics, biomarker, or Caregiver consent forms. If you are not compensating for these things, please be sure to indicate that as well. Do not assume Quorum will automatically know your plans not to compensate.