What is the difference between study tools and participant study material?

Participant Study Materials : Consistent with the review of participant recruitment materials, the Board requires the review of participant study materials to ensure that the materials are not unduly coercive or misleading and do not promise a certainty of cure beyond what is outlined in the consent and the protocol. “Quorum-approved” stamped copies of these materials are included with the approval document.

Protocol Study Tools: A “protocol study tool” is a type of participant study material generated by the sponsor that is also described in the protocol as being given to participants as part of the study procedures and is generally used to collect study data. Protocol study tools that are included in the body of the Protocol are reviewed as part of the protocol. Protocol study tools that are not part of the protocol or that are identified as appendices to the protocol will be reviewed as participant study material. Since the study tools are reviewed and cited as participant study material, “Quorum approved” stamped copies of these materials are included with approval documents.