Quorum Review IRB Launches Streamlined Retrospective Chart Review

SEATTLE, WA (September 09, 2014): Quorum Review IRB, the industry leader in central IRB services, announces a new streamlined service for Retrospective Chart Reviews. The service was piloted earlier this year with several clients and was rolled out to all Quorum’s clients with the new Expeditable Research Review offering. The Retrospective Chart Review process is designed to simplify the IRB application process for researchers interested in studying data from available medical charts or EHR systems. The new process is expected to provide exceptional benefit to investigators conducting such studies in universities, academic medical centers and hospital settings.

Quorum achieved its process simplification by streamlining its form requirements and combining the necessary elements into one customized document. This new form includes the option to request a consent and HIPAA waiver. If the study qualifies as Expeditable Research, the turnaround time for IRB review can be as quick as one day.

Quorum’s CEO Cami Gearhart says of the new service, “Quorum has made great progress to simplify our processes for clinical researchers, and our new Retrospective Chart Review is a terrific example of our success in making IRB review for this type of research more efficient for our clients.”

Retrospective Chart Reviews (RCRs) are a specific type of research design that involves mining pre-recorded patient data and using the results to answer a pre-determined research question. They are often conducted by first time clinical investigators within institutional and academic settings. Unlike other types of clinical research, these studies do not generally require consent and therefore can be reviewed more quickly as consent documents don’t need to be evaluated.

For more details on Quorum Review’s new Retrospective Chart Review, click here.

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