Claire Carbary & MentorHealth Present Webinar on HIPAA Compliant Research

MentorHealthQuorum Review’s Regulatory Counsel, J. Claire Carbary, JD, CIP will present a live webinar in conjunction with MentorHealth on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 (10:00am Pacific/1:00pm Eastern). This webinar topic is HIPAA Compliant Research: From Recruitment to Study Closure. MentorHealth is a comprehensive training source and online educational portal for healthcare professionals.

J. Claire CarbaryOverview: There are unique rules for HIPAA compliance for research that are important for all researchers and study staff to be aware of before undertaking any projects that handle PHI. This presentation will cover HIPAA compliance in research from the very beginning of the recruitment process, during consent, and even after study closure. The speaker will also address research involving deceases patients and limited data sets. Sign up to make sure you understand how to be compliant with the HIPAA requirements for research.

Why should you attend: Is your research HIPAA compliant? Do you understand how HIPAA applies to research? Do you understand the difference between HIPAA compliance in clinical care and research?

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • An overview of HIPAA Compliance for research
  • HIPAA pitfalls during recruitment
  • Consent for Research- handling HIPAA
  • Study Closure and Post-Study data collection and HIPAA compliance
  • Research involving deceased patients
  • Research involving limited data sets

Who Will Benefit:

  • Principal Investigators
  • Coordinators
  • Research Staff
  • Research Nurses
  • Research Compliance Individuals
  • IRB Members
  • IRB Staff
  • Research Project Managers

Note: This webinar is NOT a part of Quorum Review’s highly popular, free webinar series and does include fees for registration. Please visit the MentorHealth web page for more details on cost and enrollment.

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