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by Cami Gearhart

Letter from the CEO

Institution Bulletin, Vol 4, Issue 3

The Promise of Research

Biorepositories, biobanks, and big data initiatives are fueling never before conceived efforts to identify the genetic underpinnings of disease and develop novel therapeutic treatments.  However, the promise of big data research is in jeopardy of being stifled, largely by perceptions of a confused and contradictory regulatory framework that discourages clinical researchers from pursing this vast potential.

At Quorum Review we don’t believe the existing regulatory environment should be (or even has to be) a roadblock to a successful clinical trials industry.  That’s why we are sponsoring the upcoming Big Data and the IRB conference in which many of the nation’s top regulators, geneticists, research faculty, and legal experts will convene in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the sole purpose of helping clinical researchers fulfill the industry’s potential.  I hope you’ll join us live or via webcast as we explore current solutions and chart best practices that will allow us to fulfill the promise of clinical research!



Cami Gearhart, CEO
Quorum Review IRB


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