Company News: The 2018 STRIVE Awards

On Friday, September 28, Quorum Review IRB held its  third annual employee recognition event–STRIVE Awards. This occasion celebrates employees who uphold the company’s core values. Held during the weekly Friday “social hour” when employees gather to take a break and mingle, attendees were able to relax and chat with officemates they do not often see on a regular basis. Quorum employees work hard to ensure that we are providing the best customer service to clients as well as creating a healthy culture and productive environment in the workplace.

Colleagues submit STRIVE nominations for the categories that are represented by each value—Service, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Visionary, Excellence. For the Service Award, feedback from clients is also taken into consideration for nominations. While most of the award winners were chosen by a committee composed of managers and directors of different departments, the final determination of the Service Award is confirmed by the company’s C-Suite.

Led by our CEO Cami Gearhart and Manager of Online Publications blog author, Jim Gearhart, each recipient was given  their award after the nomination was read  for everyone to hear. This year, the prestigious Service Award was presented to two people who exemplified excellence in providing our customers with exceptional service experiences! We celebrate the following employees who have gone above and beyond to help make Quorum the most preferred IRB and a great place to work:

S- Service: Nina Schultz and Scott Warner

T- Teamwork: Vu Hunyh

R- Respect: Erik Reisinger

I- Integrity: Angel Montanez

V- Visionary: Kathy Nguyen

E- Excellence: John Weaver

Quorum employees STRIVE to improve the well-being of all people. The Company News section highlights the amazing work our employees do in their communities.

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