Company News: IBC/IRB Integration Launch Party

Quorum Review IRB celebrated the launch of our new institutional biosafety committee (IBC) offering review and administration services that adhere to human research involving gene transfer, certain types of immunotherapy, and other biologic uses of rDNA. IBC and IRB services are now seamlessly coordinated within our OnQ portal providing benefit to sponsors through our One-Touch Collaboration service philosophy.

Cami Gearhart, CEO of Quorum, recognizes the importance of this service, “Institutional biosafety committees review some of the hottest topics in research– with rapid advancements in biologics Quorum is excited to bring a new model of truly integrated IRB and IBC review and administration services to rDNA research.”

In order to properly honor the first truly coordinated, seamless IBC and IRB administration service, our employees spent the March 23 Friday afternoon, toasting champagne and indulging a custom-made IBC cake. Congratulations to our IBC coordination team!

Quorum Review strives to celebrate milestones in order to provide only the best for our customers as well as our organizational culture.

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