Company News: Conscientious Commuters

Quorum Review IRB employees are clearly aware that the way they get to work has an impact on the environment. Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Commute Seattle honored the company’s earth-friendly efforts with an award at the annual Commute Trip Reduction Champions awards breakfast on March 7. Sponsored by SDOT and Commute Seattle, the ceremony recognizes companies that empower workers to commute without driving alone.

Quorum was one of only 22 companies to receive a Gold Award for achieving a drive alone rate of more than 50% below the 2017 network target. Quorum’s drive alone rate was an impressive 9.9%.

Award recipients represent key local partners in building a more sustainable and “green” future for the city of Seattle.

The Washington State Legislature passed the Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) Law in 1991 to address traffic congestion, air pollution, and petroleum fuel consumption. CTR encourages people to ride the bus, vanpool, carpool, bike, walk, work from home, or compress the work week.


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