Change in Document Availability in OnQ Portal

Effective July 23, 2015, Quorum Review is changing the availability of certain documents in the OnQ Portal and how we bill clients for the retrieval of those documents.

What has changed?
Currently, all documents from both open and closed studies are available indefinitely for retrieval and are available to download directly from the Portal’s Documents and Correspondence section. As of July 23rd, documents from studies that have been closed for four (4) or more years will be archived outside of the OnQ Portal and will no longer be retrievable from within the portal. These archived documents will only be available by request to Quorum Review and will be subject to a nominal resend fee.

Documents from open studies and studies that have been closed for less than four years are not affected by this change and will remain accessible from within the OnQ Portal.

How will I retrieve archived documents from closed studies?
For Sponsors, CROs or Sites who need access to a study document that is no longer stored in the Documents and Correspondence section of the Portal as a result of the study being closed over 4 years, the client may do either of the following:

  • Sponsor/CROs: Please call or email your Study Manager directly.  If your Study Manager is no longer with Quorum, please use the same process as Sites.
  • Sites: Contact the Client Support Team via phone at (877) 472-9883, OnQ’s Live Chat, or an email to

How will I receive my requested documents?
The SM or Client Support Representative will email a copy of the requested document to the requestor.

Is there a charge for requesting archived documents?
A document resend fee of $40 PER DOCUMENT will be instituted, per our standard policy.

How much of an impact should I anticipate from this change?
We conducted an analysis of document downloads from within the portal and found that few, if any, customers access documents from studies that have been closed longer than four years. Therefore, we are confident that this change will have little impact upon our clients while ensuring our services continue to meet performance standards that clients have come to expect from Quorum.

If you have questions about this change, please contact us at (877) 472-9883 or Additionally, you can contact your Study Manager for more information.