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Our Boards
  • Seattle Board

    The Seattle Board (Board I) is based in Seattle, Washington but its diverse membership includes scientific and non-scientific professionals from throughout the United States. The Seattle Board primarily reviews new protocols and informed consent documents, for both U.S.-based and international research (Although research in Canada goes to our North American Board). The Seattle Board meets Mondays and Thursdays.

  • North American Board

    Quorum’s North American Board serves as a duly-convened research ethics board (REB) in Canada as well as an independent review board (IRB) for the United States. The North American Board meets every Wednesday and Friday, and can review publicly as well as privately funded research.

    As with any commercial REB, Quorum can oversee research in all but three provinces:

    • Alberta
    • Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Saskatchewan

    In Quebec, Quorum can review clinical research that involves adult participants who have the capacity to consent for themselves.

  • The Daily Board

    The Daily Board (Board III) meets twice a day, Monday through Friday. It is based in Seattle, Washington and its membership includes scientific and non-scientific professionals from throughout the United States. The Daily Board reviews aspects of ongoing U.S-based research. It typically considers protocol amendments, site changes, and unique (site-specific) language for model informed consent documents.

  • Cambridge Oncology

    Quorum’s Cambridge-based IRB offers unique, oncology-focused expertise. Its members are affiliated with a wide range of institutions, including Harvard Medical School, Tufts, and Boston University. Cumulatively, the Cambridge Oncology IRB members have over 100 years’ experience in oncology treatment and research. Cambridge Oncology meets on Tuesdays.

  • Expedited Review

    Expedited reviewers are IRB members who are authorized to review and approve some aspects of research outside of a board meeting. Quorum’s expedited review program can consider qualifying recruitment materials, site submissions, minor study changes, and minimal risk protocols with as little as a day’s notice. Our team of expedited reviewers, which includes physicians as well as non-scientific members, is available full-time, five days a week.

Questions about our boards?

Our accredited ethics boards meet every day. Contact us for a board roster, meeting schedule, or ethics review pricing.

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