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Quorum Review IRB, the first name in streamlined, service-centered independent ethics and regulatory review, assures the ethical integrity of clinical research. With our partners, we advance the frontiers of medical innovation while sustaining the rights, dignity, and safety of participants.

The Quorum difference is One-Touch Collaboration™. Your research benefits from an outstanding service experience, a single point of contact, one study startup timeline, and a true single board review—which is why Quorum is the preferred central IRB.

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As the largest privately held IRB, we have the resources and experience to help you navigate the ethical, legal and regulatory risks associated with complex, far reaching clinical studies, paired with the agility required to meet your study’s unique needs.


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We are the only IRB to offer harmonized IRB and IBC review, API integrations, and consulting services that move your research forward. In addition to traditional IRB services, Quorum offers single IRB (sIRB) review for institutions. The consulting and technology division of Quorum, Kinetiq, offers tailored solutions that enhance and optimize your clinical research operations, including on-demand regulatory consulting and an HRPP Health Check.

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Our accredited ethics boards meet every day, with oversight of research in the United States, Canada, and anywhere else in the world. Submit your research today.

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