History & Values | Quorum Review IRB

A History of

Quorum Review was founded in 1991 by a small group of individuals with years of experience in clinical research and in protecting research participants. Quorum’s founders believed an IRB could both protect human participants and provide superior customer service. They were right.


Our Mission

To protect study participants through the highest quality reviews, build a community dedicated to the well-being of all people, and drive research forward together.

Quorum supports its mission by focusing on our core values:
→ Service
→ Teamwork
→ Respect
→ Integrity
→ Visionary
→ Excellence



After incorporating in 1991, the first Quorum Review Board meetings were conducted in a basement around a card table. Shortly thereafter, the founders moved into an office building and hired staff to manage a thriving business. Focused on overcoming a common perception – that IRB review had to be the most time-consuming requirement of clinical research – Quorum surveyed sponsors, CROs and sites to find better ways to operate.


Quorum introduced a secure Internet portal for clients to submit and receive information swiftly and securely.

Quorum received full AAHRPP accreditation.

Quorum created an in-house team dedicated to Translations.


Quorum established its North American Board to review research in Canada.


Quorum expanded service offerings, including review of publicly funded studies and research exemption determinations.


Quorum first reviewed a study with an electronic consent form (eConsent).

Cambridge Oncology Board launched.

The Site Solutions Summit awarded Quorum with the Eagle Service Award in recognition of “outstanding leadership, professionalism, integrity, passion, and dedication to advancing the clinical research profession.”


Quorum began review of clinical trials outside the U.S. and Canada.


Quorum introduced Phase I/Healthy, a comprehensive program that addresses the unique needs of Phase I studies.

Quorum introduced Quick Step, a bundle of premium Quorum services to benefit large trials.


Quorum launched Kinetiq, a consulting division, to bring our expertise to your operation or trial.


Quorum launched the first coordinated IRB/IBC service.

Quorum Review IRB is registered with the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) and with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with registration number IRB 00003226.