25 Years: Fostering Positive Employee Culture

Quorum: 25 Years2016 marks the 25th Anniversary of Quorum Review IRB. When Quorum started in 1991 our founders added the values of customer service and consistent performance to the essential institutional review board (IRB) role of ensuring the safety of people who join human experiments. Those values have sustained us and protected people in research while advancing scientific knowledge.

As part of our silver anniversary we developed a mission statement that reflects our legacy and remains true to what we do today:

The Quorum Mission

Protect study participants through the highest quality reviews, build a community dedicated to the well-being of all people, and drive research forward together.

 Our Employee Community

This is the fourth installment of our Silver Anniversary Series celebrating 25 years. Previous articles in this series discussed our support for expanded access to experimental treatments, how our review boards have developed over the years, and how Quorum works with research institutions. In this, our final article, we look inward at our employees.

Quorum started operations in 1991 with its founders, a roster of institutional review board (IRB) members, and an office assistant. Its office was a couple of rooms in a two-story walk-up building. Since then, we have expanded to five IRB panels and over 200 employees. Our Seattle office has moved four times, and we have expanded operations to Vancouver, Canada and Cambridge, Massachusetts, with membership from two countries. Through the years our employees and IRB members have always formed our core strengths.

Our workforce is hard-working, our IRB members informed and thoughtful; and everyone is dedicated to the Quorum mission. In our annual employee and IRB member surveys, our approach to an IRB’s core purpose—protecting people who join medical studies—remains a motivating reason to work here. Add to that the robust IT systems that back up our customer and IRB portals, a complex regulatory environment, and a demanding set of performance metrics, and we have an active, challenging work environment. According to our annual survey, our employees’ level of engagement is at the 76th percentile of U.S. companies.

We maintain an active awards program to recognize employees who demonstrate our core values:







“Quorumites” work hard, but we know it’s important to relax too. Our Friday afternoon socials provide a chance to pause at the end of the week and see each other outside of our usual roles. Plus, the Events Committee will not let a special day go by without some celebration, and we find lots of reasons to have fun at work.

Quorum Employee Culture

Quorum employees enjoying themselves at a variety of functions.


It may reflect a creative streak that runs through Quorum employees, but among the year’s holidays, Halloween is and always has been the Quorum holiday of choice. Costume competitions can be intense, in both team and individual events, with entries becoming more elaborate every year. This year, our halls were decorated with scenes from Madmen, Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and Bob’s Burgers, among many others.

After Halloween, of course, comes Thanksgiving, and we want to express our gratitude to our employees and board members who help us fulfill our mission, enhance our culture, and make the company a community.


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