Common Rule Infographic

by Jim Gearhart

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Researchers

The holiday season is upon us, which means 2016 is drawing to a close. This can be a good time to look back to see what lessons the past 12 months offer for the future, and what we might resolve to accomplish in the coming year.

If you are looking for some human subjects-related resolutions for 2017, may I suggest a few to keep in mind.

  1. Leave time for relaxation and other strategies to avoid burnout. We value our clients and our researchers; we want you to remain healthy!
  2. Understand those reporting rules for potential conflicts of interest.
  3. Consider ways to gauge comprehension during informed consent.
  4. Stay informed about HIPAA privacy concerns and cyber-security threats.
  5. Consider returning results to study participants.
  6. Preserve the dignity of marginalized subjects by remembering health disparities and what the research community can do to address them.
  7. With all the growing uses for apps in research and healthcare, keep the smartphone charged. (And maybe have a teenage relative nearby to help figure out the device.)
  8. Understand safety reporting requirements in research.
  9. Understand the regulatory status of your medical device study.
  10. Give thanks to the hard–working IRB staff and others on your support team. Shower them with praise!

And, most of all, have a safe and relaxing holiday season, and start 2017 ready to do great research.


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