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quorum_webinar_button1 Phase I Healthy Study Design and IRB Review
(October 2015)
quorum_webinar_button1 Embracing Social Media in Research
(June 2015)
quorum_webinar_button1 Reviewing Research Involving Medical Devices
(September 2014)
quorum_webinar_button1 Understanding Reporting Obligations to the IRB
(May 2014)
quorum_webinar_button1 Biobanking & Future Research:  Addressing the “Unknown” in the Protocol and Consent
(February 2014)
quorum_webinar_button1 Research Involving Subjects with Limited Capacity:  IRB Expectations for Recruitment and Consent (September 2013)
quorum_webinar_button1 eConsent for Research:  Considerations in Implementation and IRB Review
(June 2013)
quorum_qutorial_button1 Qutorial: Completing the CSQ (Central Study Questionnaire)
(June 2013)
quorum_webinar_button1 IRB Evaluation of Advertisements, Consent Forms, and Study Tools
(March 2013)  
quorum_webinar_button1 Navigating Research in Pediatric Populations
(October 2012)
quorum_webinar_button1 Research & HIPAA: Recruitment, Consent and Beyond
(April 2012)
quorum_webinar_button1 Using Social Media in Research: Regulatory & IRB Considerations
(January 2012)
quorum_webinar_button1 Using Electronic Consent & Technologies to Facilitate and Improve the Research Process
(January 2012)


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CITI Training ButtonQuorum Review offers Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) for principal investigators, study coordinators, and other study contacts. For more information about training modules offered and how you can participate in CITI training see Quorum Review’s IRB Training options.

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Square bullet Amendment Submission Checklist
Square bullet Annotated Central Study Questionnaire
Square bullet Changes to Site Information Guidelines
Square bullet Central Study Submission Checklist
Square bullet Client Guide to Consent Form Evaluation*
Square bullet Consenting Research Participant Guidelines
Square bullet Continuing Review Report for Protocols Guidance
Square bullet Continuing Review Report for Protocols Form
Square bullet Continuing Review Flowchart
Square bullet Defining Human Research Diagram
Square bullet DOD Research Requirements Checklist
Square bullet DOE Research Requirements Checklist
Square bullet eConsent at Quorum Review Client Guide
Square bullet eConsent in Clinical Trials Info Sheet
Square bullet ED Research Requirements Checklist
Square bullet FERPA Requirements Checklist
Square bullet Initial Protocol Submission Single Site Study Checklist
Square bullet Recruitment and Participant Study Materials Guidelines
Square bullet Safety and Unanticipated Problems PowerPoint
Square bullet Safety Information and Unanticipated Problems Guidelines
Square bullet Site Information Questionnaire Workbook
Square bullet Site Status Report for Period Review or Closure Guidance
Square bullet Site Submission Checklist
Square bullet Site Submission Simplified

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