International Research Review


As an accredited independent ethics review committee with over 20 years of experience, Quorum Review may serve as the sole IRB (EC, REB, or CER) of record where permissible or will work in collaboration with local IRBs or ethics committees based on legal requirements and/or client preferences.  Depending on client needs and requirements under local law, Quorum Review can provide ethics review in one of three ways:

  • Review for compliance under ICH GCP, local standards, and U.S. standards (if applicable) 
  • Coordinate with local review committees (if they exist)
  • Serve as the sole IRB of record where no local review committees exist and it is permitted by local standards   

We can provide or facilitate translation of your consent forms into the appropriate language and our Board possesses a vast array of experience with many therapeutic areas. Quorum Review is also available to provide consulting services to help you prepare for your research abroad and assess local regulatory requirements.

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