Expeditable Research Review Services (Minimal Risk)

Exp-Review_Skyscraper_120x600px Expedited Research (also known as Qualifying Minimal Risk Research) involves only minimal risk interventions. Accordingly, Quorum Review’s Expeditable Research Review Services are substantially faster than what you’d expect from a standard protocol review.

How much faster? Since our expeditable research reviews are conducted by a single Medical Expedited Review Professional rather than a fully convened board, we can approve certain qualifying protocols as soon as the next business day.

Why Choose Quorum Review’s
Expeditable Research Review Services?

Quorum Review’s expeditable research review services
offer a number of benefits over your typical protocol review:

  • Faster review times
  • Fewer submission forms
  • Lower review fees
  • Industry leading regulatory team
  • Responsive customer service

Ready to Learn More or
Get Started?

For more information or to get started, download your
copy of Quorum Review’s Guide to Understanding
. In it you’ll learn how to determine
if your research qualifies, how to submit your protocol
for review, and tips to avoid common pitfalls, such as
incomplete submissions.

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