Working with Institutions

Subject protection is of critical importance, yet every day institutions are being asked to do more with less. IRBs within institutions are looking for ways that they can expand their current capacity and improve their review cycle timelines without increasing costs. Some institutions are looking for secondary supplier alternatives while others are looking to focus on research and outsource their IRB services all together.

Quorum Review IRB can help. Quorum is an AAHRPP accredited independent ethics review board that offers customized processes for the ethics review of institutional research.

And in a world in which budgets are shrinking, Quorum Review offers the efficiencies and reliability of one of the largest ethics review organizations in the nation.

Quorum is committed to our relationships with institutions. To that end, Quorum has developed an Institutional Start-Up Package. The goal of this package is to make it easy for you and your institution to establish a relationship with Quorum Review. Once the relationship is established, we can work with your institution when you are ready—on a study-by-study basis or more globally. To obtain a copy of Quorum’s Institutional Start-Up Package please contact Quorum’s Business Development Team at

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