Chairperson Study Assessment

Communication between Quorum and our customers can help enhance the research process. In some circumstances, a sponsor or funding agency may want an opinion regarding a protocol or specific elements within the protocol prior to the official Board review.

Quorum can arrange a teleconference that occurs prior to the official Board review of the protocol and consent form. This conference call will involve the following parties: a sponsor representative and other pertinent parties to help give general feedback about the protocol or consent form, the IRB Chairman, and a representative from Quorum’s Study Management, Initial Study Support, and Regulatory departments.

Please contact Initial Study Support if you would like to arrange a chairperson study assessment.

Consent Form Consultation/Editing

In some circumstances, a researcher may wish to receive written consent form feedback prior to the official Board review.

Quorum offers consent form consultation/editing, where Quorum’s Consent Form Development team will review the consent form and provide written edits and/or feedback prior to Board review. This service may be conducted independently or in conjunction with Quorum’s chairperson study assessment process. During consent form consultation, many potential consent form language issues may be resolved prior to Board review.

Please contact the Initial Study Support Team if you would like to arrange a consent form consultation with Quorum’s Consent Form Development team.

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