Why Quorum


Quorum Review IRB assures the ethical integrity of clinical research. We help our partners advance the frontiers of medical innovation with greater confidence and control while sustaining the rights, dignity and safety of participants.

Like you, we‘re fully invested in supporting clinical trials that realize life-saving advancements. We are responsible for the efficiency and integrity of our ethical oversight of a trial. From early preparations through initial review, from site submissions to safety reporting, we have engineered Quorum’s systems and processes for easy use. And we remain agile, ready to respond to your study’s specific needs.

As one of the largest privately held IRBs, we have the resources and experience to help you navigate the ethical, legal and regulatory risks associated with complex, far reaching clinical studies.



Reviews of all types of submissions every day, for faster decisions


Convenient electronic tools and dedicated staff for easy, efficient study administration


A single point of contact throughout your study


Early engagement proven to save time and money in later phase trials.