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Quorum is the Independent Review Board of choice when performance matters, and to us it always does.

Quorum Review IRB was established in 1991 in pursuit of a better way to deliver high-performance IRB services for research participants, sponsors and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs). Today, 25 years later, we continue to deliver innovations that streamline clinical research, ensure the integrity of an IRB review, and protect the people who volunteer for studies.

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Our accredited ethics boards meet every day, with oversight of research in the United States, Canada, and anywhere else in the world.

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Q Consent by Quorum Review IRB

Easy. Secure. Engaging.

Q Consent™ is a revolutionary, cloud-based eConsent solution that improves consent accuracy, with an IRB-integrated process that activates studies in days.

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With AAHRPP- accredited review boards, Six Sigma certified processes, and a decades’ long commitment to customer service, Quorum Review protects participants and helps science advance.

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